The Transfer Process

Conveyancing Attorney attends to the following:

  • Instruction from agent (must include names, identity numbers and marital status of both seller and purchaser, plus the account number and approximate amount outstanding of the bond currently registered over the property).
  • Requests the bondholder for Title Deed and cancellation requirements (or requests title deed and cancelled requirement from the bond holder).
  • Advise bond attorneys of guarantee requirements.
  • Draw transfer documents and obtain rates clearance figures from local authority.
  • Request seller and purchaser to come and sign document.
  • Obtain transfer costs and balance of purchase price from the purchaser, and invest the balance of purchase price.
  • Pay rates and obtain a clearance certificate, pay transfer duty and obtain a duty receipt.
  • Obtain guarantees from bond attorneys and forward to bond cancellation attorneys.
  • Lodge documents with the Deeds Office - it can take up to 4 weeks to be registered depending on any backlog.
  • Advise agent, purchaser and seller when property is registered.
  • Present guarantees and collect funds.
  • Average time for transfer - 3 months.