Rental Services

Stable interest rates and strong demand for rental homes have prompted renewed interest in residential property as an investment in recent years - and created literally thousands of new "landlords".

However, because few have any experience in leasing or property management, there has also been an increase in the need for specialist services such as those provided by the Rental Management division of Chas Everitt Estates.

Why Rental Management?

Appointing a specialist to manage your investment properties makes good sense, for several reasons:

  • Proximity: Working with a rental management agent means you'll have full control of your rental property at all times, even if you live far away.
  • Protection: The creditworthiness of prospective tenants will be thoroughly checked before they move in.
  • Knowledge: You'll receive professional advice as regards a host of laws and regulations that govern landlord and tenant relationships.
  • Objectivity: Tenants who don't pay, or who vandalise your property, will be dealt with swiftly and unemotionally.
  • Maintenance: Your property will be properly inventoried and maintained and if necessary, any repairs will be carried out only by qualified teams.